Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Stampede Photo

The above picture is one of the photos that I took in Stampede this summer. Stampede is the biggest show in Western Canada and thousands of people from around the country and the US come to see this event. The photo is shows how Indians prepare their food: Meat and bread. Indian is the phrase used for aboriginal people in North America. When Christopher Columbus discovered the new continent in 1492, he thought he's in Asia. So he called the aboriginals, Indians and this name still being used everywhere in Canada (and the US too) although everybody knows that's not correct! I wonder what kind of people they are. I mean, Americans and Canadians. They have been using a wrong phrase for more than 200 years!! The funny thing is they call the real Indians, East Indian!! And it comprises Indians, Bangladeshis, and Pakestani people. And this one is true 'cause these countries used to be one!
It reminds me of 1492: Conquest of Paradise. The movie is a fall for it's producers. The theme song is very beautiful one By Vangelis. It was shown in Iran (I didn't go to watch it) and I heard on that time that they completely removed Sigourney Weaver who acted as Isabella, from the movie!
Imagine the reaction of Weaver when she finds out what has happened to her role in the movie!