Thursday, November 06, 2003

Royal Secrets Are Revealed!

A book has lately been published by former princess Diana's butler. The book's called A royal duty. It's said that the Royal family is very irritated by the book.
I'd like to add this: Last weekend I went to a Chapters bookstore. I guess it's the major one in Canada. You can find small bookstores in the city too but they usu. just sale used ones. It's like every other businesses! Big companies run mostly everything. There's a Starbucks coffee-shop in every Chapters and people come in and drink and read and then the put the book back and leave!! That's how they motivate people to read. Books are usu. expensive. I just have bought one non-text book since I came to Canada so I'm not very familiar with the prices but text-books are really costly. I bought a book about Eng. drawings, last weekend and It cost me almost $82. You can buy your 3 weeks grocery with that much money. That time was not my first time to Chapters but just wanna say that you can find any book from any category there and you may also order it online. Like I found more than 5 books with the title of Star Wars!! another good thing, for folks have no where to go on Sun. Evenings!! It's open till 09:00 PM.