Monday, November 24, 2003

Vancouver (1)

I flew to Vancouver Fri. morning. When I left Calgary it was -17° C and was snowing. I went there by Wes Jet. It's less expensive than Air Canada. But it could be cheaper if I would use an Air Mile Card. I don't have one yet. The flight just took about 01:10. I was beside the left wing and enjoyed the beautiful scene of outside and took some photos.
Vancouver or better to say Greater Vancouver is comprised of downtown Vancouver, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Surrey, Burnaby and Port Moody (And May be more! But they are the majors, I guess) My destination was Coquitlam so I had to take the bus from the airport to Sky Train station. Air bus is a very beautiful, nice and fast train that its track is above the city! I mean above streets, homes, everything. You can see all over when travelling around. I had to change the Sky Train at a station and take the other one and at the end take another route again to get to A. J.'s project site.
The weather was mild and the city is very beautiful. The interesting thing is people were very kind and friendly. When I was in the bus to Air bus Station, a very pretty girl with blue eyes asked if I need a help and when I was getting in to the Air bus a young man helped me to change my route and when I get the final bus the driver started talking to me and said that he knew the north of Iran is pretty much like Vancouver! and all of them were Canadian. You rarely meet such people in Calgary. I think because Vancouver is an older city compare to Calgary and foreigners went there and settled there years ago, Canadians are more comfortable with them. Like I know the first Iranian families settled down in Vancouver almost 40 year ago.

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