Friday, February 27, 2004

Another Opportunity Is Gone

A lady from Edmonton called me last night and left a message. I knew it was about the last careers that I had applied. Therefore I thought I can handle the phone interview but when she started asking questions I get confused 'cause there were 2 careers posted, one in Oil and Gas industry and the other one in some kind of manufacturing! and I was not sure which one she is talking about. Besides that she asked if I know about 6-Sigma methods and I didn't lie and said no.
The bottom line is I have to do couple of more things to get a career here, in Canada:
1) Be more organized in career hunting. As my cousin, Dinosaur told me on the phone, today.
2) Pass ASQ's CQE and APEGGA exams.
3) Get more education on new Quality concepts like Lean manufacturing, 6-Sigma, QS 9000, New 7 Quality tools, etc. which means more money on education.