Monday, February 02, 2004


After one week of freezing cold, it was sunny and very beautiful yesterday and also today, showing almost -14 ºC, which is warm(!) in Calgary. People ran to parks and trails for hiking, running and walking with their dogs but I didn't see any cyclist. I wish I could go but was too busy although didn't study enough. This part of f**king CQE Primer which I'm studying now is DOE and is explained as bad as possible, like many other parts of this damn reference. So what I did today was I started reviewing Thechnicomp DOE application guide which was taught in SAIT (Silly Attractive Institute of Trickery) but that's another piece of shit. It's nothing. Even the video which we watched in the class was not good. I have to resort to Juran's Quality Handbook and finish it until I get another reference, If necessary.