Saturday, February 14, 2004

Tremendous Game

I was watching Hockey Night in Canada and there was Anaheim at Vancouver. The first intermission was with no score. In the second period Fedorov, the Russian player, passed the puke to a teammate and he shot from a long way and scored. It was a very nice shoot. Fedorov is the first Russian player in NHL who scored 1000 points.
Todd Bertuzzi is the right wing of Canucks and he’s a very tough player. He is sent to the penalty box off and on, most of the time for interference, roughing and other violations.
Tonight he bumped a Mighty Duck so hard that he lost his helmet! Then he shot the helmet away and went for the puck! When the guy went for his helmet after a whistle and picked that up, Bertuzzi bumped him again and he fell down! He was sent to the box again for that!
Every single game is a great and it has so much fantastic saves, shoots, rebounds, penalties and more. The second intermission ended with that incredible score but Canucks lost to Ducks, 2-1.
(Photo: Sergei Fedorov, born in Pskov Russia, started his career with Detroit in 1990, reached 1001 points tonight in his game against Canucks as a Duck)