Thursday, February 12, 2004

Rockin’ Ain’t Walkin’ in The Park

School of Rock is selected by few critics as one of the ten best movies of 2003. Among them is Newsweek magazine.
Although the movie is a comedy but if you get in to detail, you’ll see it as the sad story of thousands of American boys and girls (Or anywhere else in the world) who try to be a music star, famous and rich. They spend their best years of life and most of them lose. As you see in the movie Dewey Finn (Jack Black) after being revealed that he is not even a certified teacher tells his friend: " Music is my life. What do you want me to do? "
And in another scene when kids come to his shared apartment and wake him up, he says: ... see. I’m a looser. You listen to my advise, you’ll end up like me, with nothing.
But the director (Richard Linklater) doesn’t send the audience home sad and depressed. The two friends establish a real school of Rock in their apartment and start a good job as music tutors. Even Ned (Mike white) prefers to dump his girlfriend, give up a new job as a substitute teacher and join Dewey.
The story shows big Rock (or any other kind of music) bands are not famous overnight. They work hard and perform great and keep doin’ that. That’s why bands like AC/DC last more than 3 decades.
AC/DC was formed by two Scotland born Australian brothers who are both guitarists. It was Nov. of 1973 in Sydney when they started their career. The band has replaced some of its members since the establishment. The current members are:
Brian Johnson (Vocals),
Cliff Williams (Bass guitar),
Angus Young (Lead guitar),
Malcolm Young (Rhythm guitar)
and Phil Rudd (Drums)
(Photo: In July.30.03, AC/DC performed a live concert for the SARS benefit in Toronto for a crowd of 450,000. There were some other singers and bands as well)