Wednesday, February 04, 2004

Poor People Are Similar in Life Everywhere

A Canadian soldier was killed in Afghanistan last week in a suicide attack. Cpl. Jamie Murphy who was from a small fishing village of N. L.
As you see the sad story of poor people is similar. No mater where you are from. Canada, Iran, Japan, Europe, etc. N. L. is a province in the east with a high rate of unemployment. Most of the people who don’t have a job go to other provinces to seek for a work. Alberta is the second home of many Newfoundlanders. Most of them are roughnecks in oil and gas industry in Northern Alberta in cities and towns like Edmonton and Fort McMurray. Andrew, My friend, whom hasn’t been seen for months, is originally from there. He was born in N. L. but most of his family members live in Edmonton now, including his Mom and Dad as far as I know. Canadian Armed Forces is a choice for unemployed, non-educated Newfoundlanders. Therefore what happens is they join the army and are sent to dangerous parts of the world like Bosnia-Herzegovina and Afghanistan.
Today there’s a new story: The suicide attacker is the brother of Khadr who was in American’s Guantanamo Bay camp as an Al-Qaeda suspect and I wrote his story here months ago. This is what AFP announced today and Canadian officials are working on this with Afghan police and AFP.
(Photo: Cpl. Jamie Murphy in Kabul, Afghanistan)