Monday, February 16, 2004


I found an interesting article in Quality Progress, the magazine of ASQ, which is sent to me by them, monthly, about Ford Motors Co. The article is written by Larry R. Smith, who has been working for the Company for 26 years and has held many management positions. He has three M. Sc. degrees, two from University of Michigan, in Metallurgical Engineering and Physics and one in Industrial Engineering form Wayne State University. He also has some responsibilities in the most important quality institutions in North America, which is not necessary to mention here, I think.
Once again the important point about a good career is that you must be persistent in your job. It leads you to higher levels and helps you to get promoted, esp. here in N. A.
The first thing stated in the text and I’ve never heard or felt as an Industrial Engineer who is interested in and fond of quality field and has worked in it for at least 8 years is that many engineers who rotate into quality function, just stay for a short time and use it as a steppingstone career(!!)

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