Saturday, February 21, 2004

Twisted Scandal

10 days has passed since the Sponsorship Scandal is revealed. No one is charged or has been taken accountable except for Alfonso Gagliano, the Canadian ambassador to Denmark who was the minister of public work in scandal occurrence period. He has been pulled from the appointment. Nothing more yet.
Jean Chr├ętien the former PM was on a business trip to China when the scandal revealed. He was surrounded by reporters and asked what he thought of the scandal, when he returned and he answered: I don’t think anymore! Ask the government. I answered your questions for 40 years!
Sheila Fraser, the auditor general of Canada says because there’s no document and all transfers has been done based on verbal agreements, it’s very hard to do tracking and find out who’s responsible for what.
Some people, I don’t really know what percent of them, don’t believe that and say Martin is a liar esp. after he said that the veterans who were gassed in The Second World War will be paid a compensation amount of $24,000. Liberals' support has dropped sharply after the scandal. I was driving and listening to CBC Radio. One called and indicated that it’s ridiculous. Veterans are being paid after almost 60 years!! What’s that supposed to mean? Isn’t that something just to turn the people’s mind from what has recently happened? The other one said most of those men r gone now. The Canadian government is stingy. They r waiting for all of those men to die!

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