Friday, February 06, 2004

Seconds of Delay

Most of important events here in North America is broadcasted live on TV channels and sometimes on radio. That's why cable TV is common here. I don't have cable. Therefore the only channels I access to are CBC, CTV, A-Channel (Which covers Calgary and area) and sometimes Global. CBC is very good esp. its evening news, The National, which is broadcasted every night except Sat. and Sun., Hockey night in Canada and many many other programs.Most of these are live. This week 2 events happened which made broadcasters put a 5 and 7 seconds of delay on their live airings. Janet Jackson exposed her right tit in Super Bowl half-time show last Sun. Also Don Cherry said sth. in a Hockey night in Canada program which made CBC to put a 7 seconds delay on his program since after. What he said is kind of offensive to French and European players of NHL. Cherry usually talks like that and is often aggressive.
(Photo: Don Cherry the most famous NHL commentator in a Hockey Night in Canada of CBC)