Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Are Britons Legally Boundable?

Paul Martin said to Britain's Prime Minister in their recent meeting in Hungary that a legal action might be taken against them, regarding HMCS Chicoutimi disaster which resulted to death of a Canadian submariner. British Defence Secretary, Geoff Hoon said it was up to Canada to ensure that vessels were in good shape!!
This is correct in one side of view but the vendor always must insure that the customer is completely satisfied. But seems Britons didn't care about that and just wanted to get rid of the used submarines and it's not important to them if Canadians or any other nation come to them for the same thing again.
The question here is why would Canada need to buy submarines while is in a huge debt? Is that because Canada is surrounded by oceans? But even if that's the reason shouldn't they be more conscientious? Ottawa has a lease-to-own purchase of 4 used diesel-electric submarine from Britain for $750 million.
There are reports that two tower hatches were open when wave splashed salt water on electric panels and that could be the cause of the fire but inquiries are still in process.
(Photo: Submarine crew and towing vessel are seen aboard HMCS Chicoutimi. Salt water leakage through one of the open hatches could be the cause of the deadly fire the Canadian navy investigation says)

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