Saturday, October 16, 2004

Pleasure of Canadian Woman

Once I was at work and was talkin' to Andrew, both sitting. A Canadian girl, Bonnie, was right besides us and talkin' to us and listening. She suddenly started rubbing our backs with each of her hands. That massage was so good and relaxing that I still remember it. For a moment I closed my eyes and was enjoying her healing hands. She noticed and said to Andrew: Check him out! Andrew told her: ...Yeah. He doesn't know the pleasure of Canadian woman! It was really a pleasure. But the funny thing is Andrew has been kicked out of home and was divorced by his wife just a few month before that! I told me:...Yeah. Right. I'm sure u know that pleasure, esp. after the divorce! He owes lots of money to his ex-wife now and I guess he pays monthly. I'm just guessing and it's all according to what I've heard about divorce law but I'm sure that's how it works. Andrew pointed to that by saying: It costs me lost of money. Besides that the couples have to live in the same province after they split. Andrew takes custody of his little daughter. Bonnie was interested in me and I was interested in her too. She showed her interest in different ways including the one I just described but I didn't do anything. She's tall slim and of course Canadian! After I found she smokes I completely stopped talking to her and she noticed and I saw the surprise in her face but none of us said anything. She got a Canadian boyfriend now. Andrew once told me she got 2 kids, like many Canadian girls, she's a single mother. She's only 24.

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