Sunday, October 17, 2004

Cultural Discrepancies (2): Gambling

Gambling, in different types including lotteries, casinos, slot machines, draws, contests, etc. is part of North American way of life. And that’s the most hated aspect of life here for me and I have zero tolerance for it. Almost everywhere you go, you’ll see the signs of gambling. I give you examples:

1- Casinos are 24-hour businesses. Every time I drive by one of them, the parking lot is almost full. Even in weekdays. Vietnamese, Chinese and Filipinos are among the lovers of gambling. Gambling ruins many lives and families every year in North America but those stupid scums who suffer from that, don’t understand and continue doing that shit. The reason is, obviously, they are addicted and can’t give it up easily. The best way for them is to consult a psychotherapist or psychologist. They will be recovered but usu. takes a long time and needs a strong desire and determined mind. They also have to take medicine.

2- Lottery tickets are sold almost everywhere and you see desperate people who dream of being a millionaire one day. They line up to buy a ticket to end their miserable life somehow.

3- You could be a winner. This is what you usu. see almost everyday, everywhere you go, Shopping malls, vending machines, schools, supermarkets, car dealers, etc. They encourage you to buy more and more to be entitled to receive a coupon that let you to participate in a draw!

Isn't that enough to learn this stupid gambling addiction!?

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