Saturday, October 02, 2004

Leila Ali

I was couching potato today afternoon and turned to ESPN. Most of the time if you are in the mood and also a great fan of sport you can watch awesome material. But that's the disadvantage of having a cable TV. Sometimes you find what you like on different channels and u don't know what to watch.
Anyways there was a women boxing match between Leila Ali and another girl called Gwendolyn O'Neil. I had not watched any women's boxing before that. It's a 10 round match and each round is 2 min. and I must add that they r professionals like men. They were fighting in light heavy weight class and that was good. Of course not as good as men's but worth watching. Leila knocked her out opponent in 1:59 of the third round. She's a gorgeous black girl. After the game, she announced that she'll be retired soon for the reason I don't remember.
(Photo: Leila, throws a right punch to her opponent)

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