Saturday, October 23, 2004

Our Cultural Heritage

Although I live here on the other side of the globe, thousand of kilometers away from when I was born and my major concerns are here in Canada, not there anymore as long as I'm here, but sometimes I encounter something. that it really shocks me. This is I found last week on the net: Few antique precious Persian pieces were sold in Paris for thousands of Euro. I have been to some museums and have seen many things but believe that the above things are among the best I've ever seen. The thing in the far left is a bronze wine glass that was sold € 45,000 which is CND $71,55o! Do u know what you can do with that much money in Canada? It's more than an engineer's salary!
The middle one, a plate from Samanian period were sold € 52,000. It's CND $ 82,680! And the last one is a silver Sasanian plate (7th or 8th AD). It sold € 420,000! It makes CND $ 667,800. It's the price of a big nice house here in Canada!
The point is where was our Cultural Heritage Organization? They should have been there, bought them and returned them to Iran or do whatever is necessary to protect out culture. I don't know. This is exactly what Egyptians started about, I guess, 10 years ago. They returned many valuable pieces to their country, obtained from famous museums in Europe.

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