Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Oil Sand Projects in Northern Alberta

There was a young Canadian fellow, Brad, aboard, when I was flying from Frankfurt to Calgary. He was in the front seat, while I was sitting beside a very pretty German girl who was a fly attendant working for Lufthansa. He told me that he works for a company in Northern Alberta, a drilling company which is involved in oil sand projects. Billions of dollars have been invested in the project since oil explored there. As Canada is a stable state compare to Middle Eastern countries with huge resources of oil, companies round the world are more willing to invest in the projects there. Fort McMurray, a town 6 hours up Edmonton is the base for the projects. The wage for the workers who work on a rig is good, something around $35 per hour but that's not a job which everyone is able to do. The pick time of the work for drilling is winter because in summer it's all muddy and drilling is almost impossible. Every single day is a possible death and usually there's a 3 or 6 weeks work and 1 or 3 weeks off. The cost for extracting each barrel in Alberta is $12 to $18, which is very good compare to today's crude oil price (Over $55 for today!)

(Photo: The map shows the area that the oil and project is in progress)

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