Friday, October 22, 2004

What Really Happened to the Boat?

What's recently been announced about HMCS Chicoutimi is completely different from what we hared at the beginning of the disaster. First it was said that there's a minor problem with the submarine and some of the sailors are injured and they will be alright in a short time. We've hared after a few days that some of the sailors inhaled the thick smoke and they were sent to the hospitals in Britain. Shortly after that one of them died of the inhalation.
Now the crew say there were never a minor fire on board. That was a major fire. Bill Graham said he wants the answer. What really happened and why there was a miscommunication?
Another thing that bother Canadians is why did Britons sell the four submarines which worth more than a billion for just $750 million? And my question is why Canadians have to spend so much money on something that they really don't need? If there's a threat to Canada which should be taken serious, it would be from Americans and Canadians will lose to Americans anyways so what's the point for having such unreliable boats?
If I wanna write about this, I may spend hours and hours behind my desk. I can ask Ray's opinion as he used to serve for Navy and study different sources as I'm interested in military topics but I'm tired now and guess it's better to leave!
(photo: Memorial service held for Lt. Chris Saunders in Halifax. He died in Chicoutimi disaster)

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