Thursday, October 07, 2004

Disappointed and Pleased

Effects of different aspects of life are different on my chores and the other activities. Sometimes I'm disappointed and there's a conflict inside me and I say to me that I would not pass the exam. and I'm all negative. At times I study well and I understand the concept and I'm happy and say to me that I'd pass the exam. and everything is goin' to be fine, then write the other ones and then apply for my M. Sc., ...
As a matter of fact girls are very important factors in men's life. They help men to live better. When I talk to the one who I know (I'm not even talking about a friend or a gf) and she's nice to me, smiling and... it really arise my spirit. There's no doubt that a real good female friend, in any form of it, no matter if she's a wife, gf or just a friend, helps to have a better life and of course the closer she is, the better it works. Someone who really is decent, kind, lovely, honest and caring, even a penfriend.
Today I had a call from MBNA Canada regarding my application for a credit card through SAIT alumni. Actually they (SAIT) sent me the application form and I filled it out and sent it to MBNA. After a few questions they told me that I'm approved and the card will sent to me and I'll have it in 10 to 15 days. A MasterCard with a credit limit of $3500, I guess. That's good and this is one of the things that I'm talking about: Something that really boost your spirit up. But there are still too many obstacles to tackle with to get to what I really want in my life. The point is do I have enough time?!

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