Tuesday, December 13, 2005


While I haven't heard anything from CNH yet, after that stupid and ridicules, snowy phone interview, I got another one today but it was just a few formal questions. The main interview will be performed later, if there's any.
Most of the companies in Canada, no matter what industry they are in, are originally American. I mentioned that earlier here but that was focused on the companies we deal with in our daily life, like fast food chain restaurants and supermarkets. One thing before I get to the main point and that is Superstore is not American! When I came to Canada they didn't even have a website! Now they got one!
Cintas is also an American company in apparel industry. I applied for a position as Production Supervisor last Sun. and had a message from them yesterday. I've mentioned in my resume that I used to have the same position in Almase Saz Co. for about 6 years! The truth is I used to work for them as Production Planning Manager, which is almost the same job, may be a little higher in rank but only for a few months! I worked for them for a period of 12 month! 1.5 months out of that period, I was on leave of absence, working for a small company to test it! But I would like to confess that I was downgraded to a normal planning department expert after I left the company in a tricky way for a week, to go to Tabriz with mountain climbing group of Tehran Polytechnic! That's why they gave me that 1.5 month leave without pay! In that journey there were only 4 of us: Me, Ali Afshari, who was later got arrested by Ministry of Intelligence and jailed, Saviz, who is is Australia now and Mostafa who was not a student of Tehran Polytechnic but was an active member of the group. That was an unforgettable travel and we enjoyed but was poorly planned by our host, Sahand University. We were supposed to attack Sahand mountain in south of Tabriz and there were students from many schools around Iran but people got lost and some went to other picks and ... That was a disaster! But I liked it as I'm an adventurous guy! I may write the story here but as it's not related to the other side of the globe, I rather not to!
Today I called them and talked to their HR manager, a prob. Oriental guy with awful accent! I don't know how I understood most of the things he said! Here are the questions and my answers:
  1. What does Almase Saz Manufacture? They manufacture tools in different types for different industries, including cutting, milling and drilling tools. They have three workshops in the plant: die making, insert and holder.
  2. How many people did you use to supervise? As it's a team-work I had 4 lead-hands under my supervision.
  3. Do you own a vehicle as it's a second shift position, starting at about 02:00 PM and usually finishes at about 11:00 PM and may be after and on that time there's no transit available in Calgary? Yes. I do. I noticed that when I moved to Calgary. There's a need for a reliable car here. I used to work in a rotating shift. So I'll be fine with that.
  4. How much do you expect for your salary? Every company has its own policy regarding wages and salaries. For example you say a person with this education, background and experience gets this much. I follow that but I'll give you a number later.
  5. One of the company's heads (I don't remember who was mentioned by him) would like to meet with you face to face and we offer a tour of the facility but he's extremely busy today (may be this week. Don't recall that) and will give you a call soon.
He, then, said that I could give him a call if I needed something.


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