Tuesday, December 20, 2005

There's No Way Out

I didn't want to write this here because I was so upset and depressed but today feel a little better and think am able to post it. I was driving home from Talisman like every Sat. and in Macload Trail just after 39 St. saw a police cruiser in lane 3 a few meters ahead of me (I was in lane 1, doing 45 Km) I thought it's better to turn to a street but there was no alley in front and then thought better to just drive like that, he would be gone. But as I passed a light, he turned on his lights and I had to pull over.
Actually I didn't feel to go back home. I wanted to have a beer and I was gonna give A. Palani a call but didn't!
It was very cold and I rolled the window down and after a few seconds an officer showed up. He asked me: Do you know why I stopped you? I answered: I guess that was a yellow light sir! That's not why I stopped you. Your sticker on the plate is two months old, he said. And that was it. After a few min. of explanations he made me wait and finally gave me two tickets while I had my car towed! A ticket of $172 for not having the car registered and another ticket to show in the court in Jan.17 for not being insured! The fine for not having the insurance while driving is $2500 but the officer told me that if that was my first time, they would forgive me and throw the ticket out. Then I walked to Chinook LRT Station and got home but was so crashed and got stock at home all Sun. long!
Today I went to a branch of Link Insurance in downtown, where Hojam took me last year and insured the car for $136 per month which is good. Then me and him (He joined me later) went to the Downtown Registry to get 2006 sticker and then he drove me to 39 St. to get the car back! He's the only guy who helps me whenever I want. Actually Resurrect helped me a lot too but he is insane! I was so happy have my little car back! That was the first time in last 2 years and 3 months since I bought the car, I didn't have it! There are things that are indispensable in this life here: Vehicle, mobile phone and Internet!

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