Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Doepker: SK. or Not?

I was driving home today and as soon as I passed Anderson Road, my phone rang and that was a guy from Doepker in Saskatchewan. I applied for a Quality Assurance Manager in Dec.05. He asked if he could ask me a few questions. I pulled over and here is the summary of our conversation:

Q: Why did you chose our company to work for? (I've heard this damn stupid question in almost every interview!)
A: I found the position pretty much similar to the previous job I had and believe that I can handle it very well, using my education and valuable experiences.

Q: Do you know where we are? (What a dumb question!)
A: I guess you are located in west Saskatchewan. (He said that they had three facilities, two in SK. one is the same I mentioned and another one in the south, close to Regina, in Moose Jaw and the company is planning to have the third facility in B. C. soon)

... and a few more stupid questions like the ones I just mentioned and don't remember 'em! and don't really matter! If they need me, they'll call me. If they don't ... they won't.

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