Saturday, December 31, 2005

A Cutie

A few weeks ago I received messages from a very young girl, only 20, in Vancouver and shortly after she started calling me and we got in touch. She's originally from Isfahan and for that I thought may be Sunny and Sammy, my distant cousins, have tempted her to bug me. But she then sworn that regardless of the fact that she knows them, that's not them who asked her to start a relationship with me. Their fathers used to work for the same company and are friends but that didn't make any relationship between the three girls. One reason could be the ghost of jealousy! (A very popular, excellent music video of late(!) Michael Jackson) The girl is so cute and lovely and as far as I know those girls, they must have had an awful feeling just by sitting beside her 'cause they just look average! I really don't know what she wants but looks like she likes me 'cause she asked for my photos and wants me to meet with her in there! I would be happy to go there and meet with her, of course but can't go now and in future she would have been taken by the a guy!


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