Monday, December 05, 2005

The Researcher

I, at times, listen to the radio while driving, instead of music. It's usually CBC, I guess. Last night there was a very interesting interview, I'd say with a professor who researches about the effects of global warming on water supplies.
He said, at the beginning, that global warming does not lead to what we saw in The day after tomorrow! " That's a little science and a lot fiction " he said. This is what I got from his explanation:
Most of the rivers in Canada are fed by snow melted water. Global warming makes the rivers deeper in early spring compare to June and that effects irrigation, water supply for residential purposes, hydroelectric facilities (As this is one of main sources of electricity supply in Canada) and may be more as I can't recall everything he mentioned! But what's important is the way they pay attention to detail and apply the results of researches in their life and don't just archive them in the library!

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