Saturday, December 10, 2005


I talked to Ali G. to find a game in Saddledome to attend and I picked Ottawa at Calgary but when tried to get the ticket, didn't find any available! I also tried the other games as well, even the games in coming Feb. but didn't see anything matches our criteria, not more than $100!
So after wrestling for more than a week, he called me today and said that he has found two tickets for section 226 on eBay and he would bid on them. That's an OK section not a very favorite one. The better ones seen in pink are much more expensive. That would be Boston at Calgary in Dec.17. at 08:00 PM. The last bid is $51 for a pair and there are four days left. Let's see what he does.
(Photo: As you see the best seats are in purple but we'll be really happy even we get any in blue!)

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