Monday, December 26, 2005

Fun with Dick and Jane

Last night me and Ali G. caught a new movie of Jim Carrey called Fun with Dick and Jane. There were three choices in my opinion: King Kong, Memories of a geisha and the one we watched. Ali G. said that Kong would make him sad and geisha wouldn't make a good movie so we went to Carrey's and that was so hilarious. A story about a normal American family, living happily. Mom, Dad, kid, their pet and a Hispanic nanny. They both have a good job, a house which it's mortgage is being paid and they constantly looking for promotion and having better life, like all North Americans, bigger house, luxury cars, more vacations to resorts. And when Dick suddenly get promoted and then in a very short time encounters lay off as a result of scandal in the company. That's the time they start to lose everything and that's exactly what I'm scared of here in Canada. You can have a dream life here but if you lose your job, everything turns to disaster in a sec. North Americans don't care about that. As soon as they get a career or job, they start to buy everything they need and are not afraid of future. What they say in life is:
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is the gift!
So let's live today's life! I can't do that. I'm conservative in that way, although I have no family to be worry about!
(Photo: Jim Carey, also the producer and beautiful and sexy Tea Leoni in a scene in the last minutes of the movie)


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