Sunday, December 04, 2005

Exam. in -26 ºC!

I went to Keiv. M's place Fri. night to borrow his scientific calculator while it was very cold, almost  -24 ºC and after 1 hour took him to Sunny Side Safeway for his grocery shopping. Then drove to H. Jamalnia's place to stay overnight as it's closer to SAIT, where I had to write the exam. He was not home then I went to the bakery. Roads were so slippery and very dangerous, especially in that neighborhood, Forest Lawn, where police cruiser are patrolling all day long. As soon as I got close to 48 St. SE, I saw a cruiser sitting there with all light off. Didn't notice that until I was about 5 m. clsoe although my eyes were continuously scanning front and behind while I'm driving. H. had to drive a co-worker home so when we got to his place it was almsot 12:00 and I went to bed but didn't sleep enough, partially because when I sleep in a different place I'm not comfortable.
I woke up and got to SAIT on time but it was so damn cold: -26 ºC! The exam was damn hard especially because I was tired and could not concentrate well in the first 2 hours but then got better and answered more. I don't think I pass it this time. I didn't answer few of them. May be 10-15 out of 160! DOE questions were amongst the questions which didn't get answer. If I wanna pass this damn exam I have to study that subject, hard and deeply. The lady proctor, Holly, then explained to me that the final score is assessed based on the number of hard, professional and difficult questions, mostly. For example if I answer a question like which one of these graphs are Ishikawa diagram? but leave a question about full factorial run, I won't get a good credit for my exam because it's not professional. Everyone knows what Ishikawa diagram is but not everyone is able to apply DOE methods.

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