Monday, January 01, 2007

More on Ali A.

I’ve already written about Ali A. which points at his fight with my friend and former landlord D. H. The night before, I was at Hodani’s, and friend of him, an interesting guy who’s a sailor and is seeking asylum here in Canada told us a shocking story about his roommates which led to Ali A.’s. That guy whom I call him here Has, came once to my place with the other guys as he was interested in being my roommate but I rejected him as he's very demanding.
Anyhow the guy complained a lot about his roommate’s young son and his friends. He said that the guy is a major drug dealer in the city and based on the characteristic he was describing, I figured out that the friend of his roommate is Ali A. He said that he was just released from the jail because of possession of gun and violence. He threatened his wife (very likely to be a Black girl) with a gun and the girl reported on him and they threw him in a jail. Has also said that Ali A. had sent about $150,000 to the US, to his family and once his father was screaming at him asking how he got that much money and what he does here.
Ali A.’s family flee from Iran shortly after the war started in Sep. of 80 and Iraqi troops invaded Khoozestan province. He’s originally from Abadan, one of the very civilized and beautiful cities of Iran in Pahlavi era which was completely destroyed amongst the rest of the country during Iran-Iraq war and Islamic Republic reign. I know that people change in a period of 5 years but never predicted such a story for someone like Ali A. Last time I met him accidentally was the day I wrote my citizenship test. He was with a black girl as usual and I didn’t notice anything unusual.
(Photo: That might not be a good photo to post specially in the first day of the year but I'm just trying to picture the devastation caused by Iraqi criminals directed by Saddam and the pain the people of Khoozestan went through. Saddam got hanged a few days ago while never answered to the crimes he committed to the people of Iran and Kuwait. I may write about that later)

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