Thursday, November 30, 2006


I'm getting better day by day after that shock. I did my jugging exercice in 10:25:714 min. (almost 2.4 KM and I should do that in less than 13 min.) which is my best time so far. IQAS assessment was received today and my degree is now equal to Canadian bachelor degree which is usu. done in 4 years here. I started Canadian Forces online application right after that and then went to their recruiting centre to hand it in. I was told that I had to add a few different documents and then my application will be started. Although IQAS was my main concern for this position but I know there's no guarantee that I get the career. Interviews, tests and checks are ahead of me and I have to pass them all successfully. But I think it's also easier now to apply for a M. Sc. degree in any school.
I try to make everything ready and hand them in tomorrow. Then I have to start making myself ready for the interviews.
Those motherfuckers haven't sent my Record of Emplyment yet so my application for EI hasn't been started. I'll give them a call the coming Mon. and I have to stick to what I got.
(Photo: An officer gave me a CD which describes the opportunities with the Navy. That' s the cover of that disk)

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