Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bad Luck or What?

Ioana from Randstad called me last week and said that there was a possible opportunity as a Maintenance Assistant and asked if I was willing to try that. My answer was positive. She sent me all the information through e-mail. The interview was set for yesterday, Tue., Feb.20.
At first I was wondering why it is set for Tue. and not Mon. Then I found out that Mon. is Family Day and a statutory holiday in Alberta. When I went to the Government building regarding the problem I had with an employer, I was quite surprised: Half of the building was closed! That’s a Government building and because that was not a national holiday, they were working although it was very quite. There were only 1 or 2 customers around. At the same time some provincial employees work in the same building and they were off! Same story in the city: Banks and companies were closed but Canada Post mail deliverers were working because they are Federal Government employees.
Anyways that was the story of Family Day that doesn't mean anything to me. My interview was set for 10:00 AM yesterday. So I left home a little early in order to be able to find the place. When I tried the address in Google Maps, the number of the building, 5201, didn’t come up. That was not a good sign. Then when I get to the street that the building was supposed to be there, I didn’t find it. It was almost 09:30 and I had half an hour to find the place. I decided to call Ioana and ask her but I noticed that I didn’t have her number in my mobile phone directory. I was going to go back home to give her a call and suddenly the mobile rang. That was her! She told me that she had received a call from the employer indicating that the position was filled during the weekend and apologized!
So what do you call this now? Bad luck or what? I try to get whatever that keeps me employed and brings me income but seems that nothing is working for me.

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