Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Last is the Best

I didn’t go for my regular exercises to Talisman yesterday because I had to go for my medical exams and I waited for almost 2 hours to be examined by the physician. Fortunately Salim, the other applicant drove me there which is actually too far from my place and I took the train and went back home. But the two days before that I had my last day of running exercise in Talisman and I scored big: 11:04:445 and that’s really good starting this Jan., as I mentioned earlier, I’m doing the real 2.4 Km.
Also this month I decided to use a different type of chart to present my performance and also promise that I will have a complete analysis soon.
(Photo: Jan. running exercise is depicted here in this bar chart. Although I didn't go to gym for about more than 9 days but still was able to do the exercise for 11 days and get a very good result at the end)

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