Tuesday, February 20, 2007

An Slow Process

I contacted my file manager a few times and as I didn’t receive an answer, decided to go to the recruiting centre and see what is going on. I was told, over there that the person has been moved and there’s a new file manager. They gave me his card. I e-mailed him and there was no answer and then I called twice and left massages. I finally received a reply to my e-mail.
I was told that there are missing information and I have to complete that. The said needed information then came in an envelope. When I opened it and went through, I noticed so many syntax errors and funny mistakes. Sofla which is part of my mother’s surname had been changed to Sofia and known as her nickname probably! I used to work for a company called Almase Saz Co. for about a year and I mentioned that in the form. That company turned to be a government company for unknown reasons! My place of birth has been written Iraq instead of Iran and so many other errors!
I wrote a letter in three pages and corrected everything. Then I went to the recruiting centre to deliver that. The officer in reception desk went in and came back with an old lady after about 10 min.! I noticed that she’s the one who entered all the information and got the errors from the computer! Fortunately the little old lady, probably in her late 60s, was a very nice one. I sat with her for about 15 min. and we double checked everything. When I asked why Security Clearance takes about 2 years (That’s what I heard at the beginning and was mentioned by the new file manager again) she said that is the maximum time. She said that she just received one which had been sent in Apr. of ’06. So that is for everyone not only for me. But I think mine takes longer as I wasn't born in Canada. I mean it takes 2 years or more or get stuck somewhere. But there’s no other choice. I have to wait if I want to join CF. Besides I have enough time to make myself ready for the interview if I’m lucky enough to stay in shape after 2 years! I went to the gym for the first time in three days of sickness (I had a very bad cold) and only was able to make 5 laps out of 10 I usually do! I’m not recovered completely yet. But I simply am able to beat the time they want from me.

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