Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Degraded to Class 4

I got my class 4 driver’s license after a long struggle with bunch of idiots and fuckers and also after pre-failing(!) my attempt for a class 2! I was doing very well according to what the trainer told me in the first week but then in the first day of the second week, they sent me home because I was not wearing my glasses! And then in the second day, after we finished the daily prectice, they asked me to go home and come back in 3 months(!) if I’m ready enough! That was because I passed 3 red lights(!) and then I was turning right without seeing a car approaching, according to what the trainer said! They also told me that they received a call from Calgary Police Service indicating what I did at the traffic lights! I can try another company which provides the same sort of training for the same job but I’m not goingto. Because first of all they might be in touch with each other and have a kind of black list and secondly I think I’m simply not good at this job. It’s a very risky job especially in winter. The life of less or more than 20 kids are in the hands of the driver. Besides he or she has to wake up very early to get the bus ready every morning and everyone knows how that feels in winter when snow is falling down or other extreme weather conditions are in effect.
So I decided to give a cab company a try. I need a class 4 to drive a cab. I was trying to use the same written test I had for class 2 because it was paid by the company but I couldn’t get the copy so I went and wrote the test for class 4 and passed. Then I went for the road test and in order to do that I went to the same person who took me for class 5 a few years ago. He failed me in the first time. I was good in everything except for turning left at an intersection, according to what he said. But he was not very tough the second time and I passed. He earned $150 altogether for this test and I don’t know what portion goes to his pocket directly. Then another issue came up! I didn’t have a medical exam and I took a copy of the one I did with the bus school company to do my road test but that is not acceptable by the fucking registries! So I went and I did another medical exam. I asked around for a fair price and I received different quotes from $75 to $110 and finally get one for only $30! I went to a registry and got my interim license immediately after the medical.
Then in the morning of today I went to a City of Calgary authority to see how I get a cab permit. That’s completely crazy. I pay $475 for a one week course and then a $75 to $100 for some shit called Defensive Driver’s Certificate and if I pass both of them, then I pay another $75 to get my permit! What’s funny is there’s no guarantee that you get a job after getting that piece of permit because obviously cab companies are independent form the City of Calgary and Government of Alberta! So you may spend almost $650 and get nothing at the end. I think there’s a demand but I’m not sure. I’m going to call the companies tomorrow. Another funny and stupid thing is, as I said earlier, everyone here tries to screw you in the hardest way he or she is able to! These guys told me if they don’t hear from me tomorrow, they will delete my file! Because they say to themselves: OK. This guy is here let’s give him the binder and make $475. We don’t fucking care what’s he up to, has money or not. Let’s screw him now because we might not be able to reach him later! So that fucking class 4 driver’s license have already costed me more than $200 with no benefit. My problem is I don’t know what I’m goin’ to do! I just grab whatever I find because the one I really want to do, the CF job, is completely silent and I can’t even talk to my file manager. I also can not be sitting all day long doing nothing and all the interviews I attended have brought me nothing. So I don’t know if I want to spend another $650 for something that I’m not sure I will be doing.

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