Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I flew to Vancouver in the early morning of Sat. to meet with A. J. and talk about the job offer he made a few weeks ago when we were talking on the net or phone. He’s running a small construction company and has a few projects in hand. There are two big houses in district of Squamish, a small town between Vancouver and Whistler, which are about to be finished. He has bought two old houses in the same town which are going to be demolished and rebuilt after he gets building permit form the municipality. A few more old houses in other parts of great Vancouver have been bought and they are all going to be re-built soon. What he wants me to do is to work as a kind of project coordinator or project controller for him. You could also call it site supervisor.
I really am tired of this shity life now and all I want to do is to work for a few months or years and then go back home and may be live there happily forever! Loneliness is the worst part of my life. At the same time A. J. and some others that I usu. talk to prevent me from going back there.
I have that CF job still in process but I’m not really optimist. Who knows what would happen in 2 years? I have to tell A. J. that whether or not I’m going there. I had one interview today at 01:00 PM with a recruiter of the company I used to work for. The recruiter told me that he would call me. If I’m hired with them, they want me back as a supervisor but that’s too far from happening. I used to work for them for about 4 and a half year and they never gave me the opportunity to show my capabilities and talents. Why would they give it to me now? I also had to start a job which I attended the orientation last Fri. That one is a machinist position for a manufacturing company which supplies drilling equipment to the oil and gas industry. They provide the full training. I was introduced to them by Randstad but the problem is that’s a night shift job, starts at 11:00 PM and finishes at 07:00 AM. So I didn’t go!
I always called me a tough guy, a warrior and a challenger. Now I don’t fucking understand why the fuck I’m so weak emotionally and mentally. I have being paid EI since when I was found eligible and have no financial problem but not having a good job, loneliness and being single and uncertain future is killing me.
(Photo: I took this from the sun deck of number 2022, one of the two big houses which are being built in Balsam Way, Squamish. Scenic)

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