Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Freezing Rain

 Freezing rain is probably one of the worst whether conditions in North America. There are actually many different ones(!) but I haven’t experienced them all yet. Today I dealt with Freezing Rain and I was quite ready and conquered it. The first time it happened and I was driving, I was so frustrated and that was stupid because I didn’t know what to do! I turned around, parked and went home!
Today I was going to the gym and there were snow all over the car. So I took out the new snow scraper/brush I had bought recently and started cleaning the windshield, windows, etc. Damn it! That was so hard to be removed. The snow would be removed easily and then there was a thin film of ice on the windshield. That took extra effort and time to be removed.
Then I started the engine and drove to the gym. In this case you have to turn your defogger on and put it on high, while your wipers are on as well. And I did. Even an old car like mine would be fine. But that’s much worse than snow or a heavy down pour especially when you’re scrapping it.
This is how the phenomena of freezing rain occurs:
Rain falls when surface temperatures are freezing. The raindrops become super cool while passing through a sub freezing layer a air many hundreds of feet about the ground and freeze upon impact with any object they encounter!
(Photo: This picture was taken and added in Apr of 2013 shows a side mirror of my car covered with freezing rain. The mirror will be fine in a few minutes, if not seconds after driving. The little symbol on the bottom left side of the mirror indicates the mechanism that most of the vehicles in Canada, if not the entire North America, have)

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