Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Religion: The Absolute Bullcrap in any Format

I had heard a lot about The Last Temptation of Christ years ago when I used to be a university student. I heard that it was even banned in some Christian countries. So once I borrowed that from a friend and watched. Obviously I didn't get much because first of all like most of the movies we used to get in Iran it had a very low sound and picture quality and secondly I was really good at English, I mean considering that it was a good VHS tape, I wouldn't be able to understand much. And the last but not the most, I had to watch it, hiding from my family because of the explicit scenes in the movie. I really didn't find what the director or the writer; Nikos Kazantzakis wants to say, in a nutshell.
I rented the DVD finally the weekend before and got completely disappointed. That’s one hundred bullshit. The movie or the book is obviously is an autobiography of Jesus of Nazareth, a Jew (Why is a Jew become a prophet for Christians? I don’t know!), who all of a sudden became a prophet and gathers a bunch of followers called apostles and … Jesus returns the dead people to life, makes blinds able to see again, get crucified and returns back to normal life, get married and have family and children and dies like a normal human. I didn't even know that such a crap would make people angry to ban a book or a movie. I mean we have the same crap, in a way worst and in a way better in Islam, with all those big lies and stories which are just good to deceive villagers and the ones who actually deprived of a healthy mind. So what made them to ban a stupid movie like that? I don’t know and I don’t care. Religion is just a bunch of stupid misty beliefs in any form. Listen to what I heard from someone whom I know for quiet a short time:
There’s a guy in his early 50s whom first was seen by me in Talisman. I call him here F. J. He recognized my previous nationality through my necklace and ever since we say hi and great. He is kind of a boss to a government organization which helps newcomers. I went to the gym a little late and as soon as I stepped on the track I saw him waving at me. I went to him and very unexpectedly he started a chat, talking about his past. He mentioned that he’s Bahaee in his story. I don’t care who follows what and as long as he’s not an extremist or not a close friend of mine, I’m fine. What he said about his religion is really funny and just a stupid scum believe in that. He said if you ask what Americans are famous for in the world, everybody would say, for example, they landed man on the moon, they did that, they did this (Just follow his philosophy!). If you ask what Jews have done so far for the world, people will say they have Einstein, Isaac Newton, this, that. And finally and most importantly if you ask what Iranians have done for the world, everyone says they introduced Bahaeeism to the world!
I have seen different people from different parts of the world and different Iranians with different background but have never seen such a scum with such a fucking stupid idea! But I didn't say anything or teased him because in this part of the world you need everyone. I've already cut off with too many people because of their stupid behavior and that’s enough.

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