Saturday, February 10, 2007

Mullah Nasreddin

Mullah Nasreddin is a fictitious comedian which is known in different cultures by different names. The factual accuracy of his existence is disputed. I remember the funny jokes related to the events of his daily life when I was still in primary. One little funny joke which is applicable to the situation of the Government of Canada is this one:

Mullah Nasreddin was seen poking his balls with a big needle! He was asked why he was doing this to himself, making such a misery! He said that he didn’t have anything to do and he was bored, so thought it would be better to do something that makes him a little busy and excited!
The Government of Canada sometimes is so busy with the problems it makes for itself, the problems that are not the nation’s issues, which actually deflects it from what it’s supposed to do. Arar case was the recent issue that the Government was involved in and that not only made the RCMP’s chief to resign but also cost about $M 10.5 to the taxpayers! Stephan Harper apologized for what had happened to him and his family on behalf of the Government of Canada (not the people of Canada! but that doesn’t make a difference because the government is actually rises from the people) and they supplied him with a compensation package which made him very happy and he’s set for life. The good thing is Arar is still in the US’s terrorism list! Canadian officials have recently asked Americans to remove him from the list of suspicious persons. Their answer is really firm and simple: We never listen to the other governments to tell us what to do!
A similar case to Arar’s is now in process, this one from China. A Canadian Citizen, who has been born in a northern province of China with a large population of Muslims, is now in custody of Chinese authorities. He’s accused of being a member of a terrorist group. The only difference is China wouldn’t act the way Syria did and does. They get rid of him immediately or torture him a lot and then put him behind the bars for life. They never release him just the way Syrians did. And obviously China isn't Syria. Nor the US neither Canada know that they can’t mess with PRC. China is the second largest trader of Canada after the US. Everywhere you go and no matter what you are looking for, you see Chinese manufactured products here. There’s no doubt that Canada will lose this game again and this time not to the victim but to the Chinese government.
(Photo: The Mullah's ride has been always his loyal mule! Mullah means clergyman in Persian and some other languages, may be but in the far past, the very old day, it would be used for educated people and the type of guy that people would go to, if they had a question. The custom of wearing a turban is still followed in many countries including Afghanistan and Pakistan, India, etc.. In Iran only the clergymen, educated in religion schools, are allowed to wear turban and that is only after a ceremony but I saw it once in village close to Birjand which is close to Afghan border)

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