Sunday, February 11, 2007


I was driving to gym yesterday and it was not really bad, the road and the weather. As I was approaching 39 Ave., I noticed that when I push on accelerator, it really doesn’t work. It doesn’t boost the engine. That was strange because it had never happened before. I thought that’s because of the cold weather and the engine is still not warm enough. That could be the reason. I was in lane 2 and all of a sudden the engine went off! My goodness! I didn’t even have control over the steering wheel! I turned my right signal, checked the mirror, did shoulder check, fortunately there were not too many cars behind me and lane one was clear. There was only a truck and he was a cautious driver. I turned right to 39 Ave. and parked a few meters away from intersection while turned the key back! I sighed. That was close. If it was a weekday or a busy day, I’d be in real trouble. I waited for a minute inside the car and then ignited the engine. It started! I simply turned to the first back alley at right hand, made a U-turn, got back to the avenue and drove like nothing ever happened. I was fine.
Imagine you’re driving such a horrible car in a national highway and it suddenly breaks down! Hojam said once that I could drive it to anywhere but I never will. At least I don’t drive it in winter. If I want to have a trip, I take it to an authorized dealer and have it checked completely. I was in Jack Carter’s which is closest to my place and I was told that everything done will cost $100 per hour, no matter what it is and they are the ones who determines how long that would to be fixed! So I didn’t but if I want to drive it far or if I drive that in town and have enough money, I’ll take it there and ask them to do an entire check.
Hojam once told me get some kind of aerosol called Quick Start. That is sprayed in the air filter inlet of the old cars like mine and makes the fuel-air mixing easier and the car starts fast in real cold. I bought that thing from a Canadian Tire but there was a time that I had parked in a Safeway parking lot and when I returned, I couldn’t start the engine in any way. That damn Quick Start didn’t work at all. So I left the car there for 2 days and after that just turned the key, started the engine and drove away!

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