Friday, May 18, 2007

3 out of 7

I had a message from a lady in one of my credit card company’s security department, yesterday. She wanted me to call her. I thought that was not really important and ignored it. In the morning I tried the number and it didn’t go through and then I got connected once and the agent started asking stupid question they usually ask. Oh ... by the way I went to a gas station to buy gas for the generator and the card didn’t work! I got angry and just in the middle of conversation I hang up!
Then I called the main number and asked the lady to cancel my card. She was trying to convince me that it was a security problem but I said they did that because of my previous nationality. I was really mad. She said that she would add that as a reason and we ended the conversation. The card is cancelled after about 3 years.
Then after a short time a lady from the security department called but I told her that I didn’t want to talk to her and I had already cancelled my card!
This is the third time I cancel a credit card. First time it was a BMO one and I cancelled it right after I received the first statement! And that was without any spending. I guess it had annual fee and I simply didn’t want to pay that amount. It was offered to me in Pearson International Airport when I was heading home, almost 2 years ago. And then there was that fucking bastard, the E-fax company which charged me two times and I couldn’t get a hold of them or stop them. I even went to a police station. In the Downtown office the officer helped me and said what he needed to be able to work on the case but he also referred me to another district which was closer to my place. They teased me and bullshit me in that office but I had already cancelled the card and saw no reason to file a complaint and follow the case. The recent one have recently increased my credit from $1000 to $1700! What a huge amount! No I have fewer cards to deal with and less statement to receive. I stick to the 4 ones which are left, plus the other two for specific stores.

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