Monday, May 28, 2007


I took the gravel road right next to the neighbourhood where the line of houses end and went all the way up. I was going to take the trail map I bought from the adventure centre but thought I’d be fine. So I passed where the road gets to two branches and the right one, which I think is the one I took last time I went for a walk, belongs to Squamish first nation people and rode up. My back was a little sore because of all the rocks of that stupid wall which I had to lift but I was fine. After a few minutes I reached a flat part of the road with a nice view of all the mountains, the valley and trees. I took a few photos and then my Gosh! I looked down and saw the wreckage! There were at least four cars down there! All destroyed, of course. One can imagine what has happened to the passenger. I, for a moment, was terrified and felt a shake all around my balls! At the same time I wish I could get down there and see the vehicles closer. I, then resumed my ride and it was slope down till I reached a wooden bridge and then got slope up again. I didn’t know how far I was from the main road and the exact same thing that happened when I was riding in Paradise Valley happened and I decided to go back because I started late and that was almost 07:00 PM. The only difference is in the Paradise Valley I didn’t return but in there, in Valley Cliff, I did! I rode back and I saw another cyclist coming from the opposite direction. So it was probably not too far from the main road. I’ll go all the way next time but that was a good exercise and got home around 19:25.
(Photo: The destroyed cars at the bottom of the hole, may be 200 meters, I really don't know and that's scary. No one should have been taken out alive)

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