Saturday, May 19, 2007

Flashback (11): Ellen

I used to talk to a girl who, I think, still resides in Toronto, back to the early days of my immigration. I guess it was 2002. I found her through an Iranian dating website among a few others. She was a refugee probably slid in from a South American country, as she said once. But I’m not sure because she was a lair. Ellen, as she used to be called in a real state office or something like that, used to tell me the stories that she would forget later and contradict herself! She also used to yell at me and curse at me on the phone and when once I asked her why she did that she would say that she was under so much pressure and needed to get it out! She was broke; I guess and lived based on the welfare and the money I think she gained from an old men. I think she used to sleep with them in exchange for food and accommodation .Once she asked me to go there because she said wanted to rape me!
Obviously she was in a bad situation but I would never travel all the way to Toronto to fuck someone and come back. Well ... maybe I should have! She later told me that she had found someone and they stayed in bed for I don’t remember how many days! But she said that the guy had not have sex for more than 2 years and a half! I guess they really enjoyed themselves because sounded that they both needed that! She also used to send me photos, probably to convince me that she’s attractive enough and worth travelling to Toronto! She was not pretty but when it comes to fucking, I don’t care! I don’t know why I didn’t go! I talked to her and sometimes she would say that I can come and sometime she would say that her apartment is too small. I never knew which one was right! But I do remember that she had a Caucasian girl as her roommate who used to bring the guys over for sex, apparently. She was so mad at her and said once that she found a box full or rubbers in her room! She also accused her of theft! She said that the girl stole her stuff, like a skirt or belt and then simply returned it!
I don’t remember how exactly but I, one day, asked her to stop calling me or talking to me on the phone. I was tired of her bullish and stupid behaviour and that was the end of it

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