Monday, May 14, 2007

West Vancouver

I went to Tim Horton’s for my breakfast today and sat there for a few min., calling my friends in Alberta. I called Hojam, Ali. G. and Hodani and only the last one picked up. We chatted for a while and then I decided to go for a ride but not riding my bike. I decided to drive the van in Sea to Sky highway and take photos. Then I said to me why don’t I go to Wal-Mart and buy the digital camera I was going to.

I went there and the same girl I saw the first time I got there, was there: Amber. Caucasian, average-looking, tall and bit shy. She’s way too far from Jasmine. She told me that the camera I was looking for was sold out and there’s one left and that’s the one on the desk. Why I’m saying this bullshit story is because I think there might be a chance to get here. I think I have seen signs but better be sure before I run for it. There must be something wrong with me because when we were goin’ to the stock in the back and I was walking shoulder to shoulder with her, I felt my cock is getting bigger and I almost got hard on! That was very good feeling. Thank God that I was not allowed to get in the warehouse!
Anyhow I couldn’t get the camera and drove the highway all the way to West Vancouver. Had a few stops on the way, including one in Britannia Beach for a few photos but couldn’t get many because the beach and everything were at the left, exactly where the sun were shining.
As soon as I reached West Vancouver I turned right and went to 13th street. Wow! I haven’t been there before. I parked where Lion Gates Bridge could be seen easily and then went in a big mall. Did a little shopping in the Future Shop and some food stores and then went for a walk and photography.
Although it was partly cloudy but people were there walking their dogs. It was like a dog park! It was beautiful though. I took a few photos and walked around. Amber then called and said that she didn’t find the camera. I could easily say that she’s a shy girl on the phone as well. I’m goin’ to ask her out soon this week.
So I find how to get to the first major shopping centre out of the town and there’re much to discover but this damn van is not a good vehicle for a road trip. Consumes too much gas and is heavy and old. Also the wheel quivers when I push the break. But I have to stick to it until I buy a car for me. I’ve been doin’ a little research about the vehicles and I guess now I know what I want. That perhaps is another post.
(Photo: Lion Gates Bridge, the way it's seen from Ambleside park in West Vancouver in a cloudy day. The picture is not as clear and shiny as it should be, partially because of the clouds and also because of, I think, the machine and paper used in Wal-Mart photo lab, a Kodak one. May be I should stop taking it to that store and just use Fuji somewhere else)

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