Monday, May 21, 2007

A Short and Beautiful Ride

I have to find a way to get rid of this crappy laziness which has been sticking to me since I really don’t know when! I decided to start that carpentry book and finish it and actually I did start yesterday and enjoyed a lot but couldn’t do it today! Then that’s my cycling which has been postponed lately, mostly because of too much stupid work that I have to do and secondly because of the damn rain. I know the deep reason is loneliness which is not goin' to be discussed here.
Today was beautiful and sunny though. But I was stuck at home behind this damn computer and just once stopped by at the project site, did a grocery shopping and went back. I was going to check on that girl whom was seen a little ready but I’m stupid and didn’t! So finally at about 16:00 I decided to go for a ride. I went all the way to the University. There's a long slope up in Garibaldi heights and then a right and left turn in the neighbourhood and I found myself there. It’s going to be opened this fall.
Then I drove around that neighbourhood. It’s a beautiful place and went again to the project site where Mike and one of his aides were still working. I took the trail alongside the Squamish River where the Eagle View is and drove back all the way home. That was a short but good ride which also gave me the chance to test both the engine (myself!) and the bike itself so I get ready for longer rides.
(Photo: A beautiful blue flower in the Squamish River bank. I love this great nature here which, unfortunately, is being destroyed day by day by damn constructors. I took it with my new Sony digital camera which I bought specifically for my ride as it's easy to carry it in my belt bag)

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