Monday, May 07, 2007


When you drive around in Squamish you see logging trucks a lot and there's a sorting log place, I would call, because I thought it's a log mill first and Jasmine said that they just sort them, in the town that I saw when I was up the Chief. So you would think there'll be no jungle in a few years.
That's partially true. They cut trees and cut more and more every day because they not only export it, especially to the US but also make most of the house out of wood. So they wouldn't be much left soon but Jasmine said that first they have to get license and then they make the Government sure that they replant the cut threes. She said that there are places that the jungle is rejuvenated and gave me a brochure. I have to check it out as soon as I find a free time. But she also added that they can't do that to the national parks.
Here's the question now: What percentage of Canadian forest is national parks and how efficient their refreshment procedure. She was insisting that it's very effectual but I doubt it most of Canadian forest is gone in probably last 50 years and there doesn't seem any end to cutting them as that's part of Canada's economy.
(Photo: A logging truck at the lights. I took this photo when I was behind the wheel as it's seen clearly in one main intersection of the said town)

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