Saturday, May 12, 2007

A Beautiful Scene

When you work for A. J., it has advantages and disadvantages like any other job. Prose and cones. He bullshits you a lot, things like: “My management is ...” actually worth less than a piece of crap in toilet! or “I’m engineer!” You are for sure! And many more. At the same time you should look at the glass half full: I learn many new things that might be helpful to me to be a site supervisor or a builder in a few years, I drive the vehicle that the company owns and I pay not a penny for that, I don’t waste time and money on getting to job and back, he pays for food and takes me to restaurants off and on and the last but not least I see funny scenes that I probably won’t forget for years! I let you to taste one of them:
Once we loaded the van and there were a few pieces of long lumber heading out of the back door. They, I guess, a little longer than 12 feet ‘cause I can push them in. I told him a red flag is needed to be attached to the end of the woods in order to make it easily visible for the drives and that prevents from accidents. I added that the cops would probably stop us if they see that. He said that he would take the responsibility then sat behind the wheel and started. But for a reason he had to back a little and first he hit a light post! I heard a crack and he put the gear in drive and moved forward. The front of the vehicle just below the dash had been hit by the lumbers! Then he backed up again and this time he hit his own van’s lid with the lumber and made a big dent! We both jumped out of the vehicle and I said: “That’s nothing!” But that was something! He later told me that he had to pay $500 to have it fixed and that’s the extra expense of what the insurance company pays. Considering that is a leased car, he would have a problem with the inspector but he didn't. They changed the lid! I try to post more on A. J. as this is part of my daily life now!

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