Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Fool and His Money Are Soon Parted

I was talking to Mike, the framer, about the two big houses A. J. is building and they are about to be finished. He said that he didn’t think selling them would be easy. A. J., himself, said the same thing last night when we all were sitting at the dinner’s table in a Greek restaurant. The fact is, as Mike said, and I guess he’s kind of right, the houses are just not simply this little town's style. People, who buy house here, would like to buy something like a cottage, all-wood and simply not a luxury mansion. Who’s really goin’ to spend $800,000 on a house in a small city like this? What A. J. says is when Sea to Sky Highway is finished, it’s only half an hour drive to Downtown Vancouver. That drives people who work in Downtown and that could be a well-paid job to buy an expensive house like that. If I had money or could borrow money from a financial institution, I would never buy a house like that in that neighbourhood. It’s a beautiful place though. But just two fucking nasty Punjabi families are enough to ruin a small neighbourhood like this. Beside once I was up to Garibaldi estates, if that’s the name, where you get close to the newly being build Canada Quest University, I saw beautiful houses. Talking about Punjabi guys I just add this and go back to the main subject. I was leaving one of the houses today and a Punjabi girl called and asked if I worked there. I said: “ Why? “ She was a little surprised and said: “ Don’t you want to tell me? “ I said: “ No! “ She said: “ I’m her sister (pointing at the Punjabi woman who lives next to us) “ I said: “ So?! “ She was being driven mad! She said: “ I have business for you” I said: “ You want to do business here?! “ She said: “ No! I – have – a – business – for – you! “ I asked: “ What business? “ She said something about painting and I said: “ The painter will be here at about 10:30. Just talk to him! “ Then turned my back and left and heard she said something in Punjabi to her sister! I’m sure that I drove her really mad but that was a good lesson for a little stinky piece of crap like her. Just remembering our conversation makes me laugh! I’m really happy that I kind of humiliate her!
So I guess A. J. did something that really regrets it. His former partner, a fucking stinky Punjabi induced him to invest here and build big houses. He has built one himself just next to these two, couldn't sell it and now is being rented by bunch of pot-smokers and drunkards. That’s A. J.’s fear now. I just don’t understand why he listens to everyone and the funny thing is he thinks that he’s very smart. But just to mention that once we were at the Punjabi guy's place he kept us at the door without inviting us inside or offering something, while we had to smell shit all the time we were standing on our feet!
So that’s one of the problems out of many for him and he’s really under mental pressure. He’s out of money and tries to borrow some from everyone and everywhere. He had a plan to list the houses a few weeks ago but there are still things to be done and I don’t think he can do it sooner than the weekend after.
One last thing: Let’s say the houses are built in a nice and quiet neighbourhood and no one minds the stinky Punjabi guys around. The other issue with the houses is as he cuts the corners to the keep the expenses low and hires cheap trades, mostly again Punjabi guys, the houses have so many problems that can be seen by a keen eye. So what they say applies here: A fool and his money are soon parted.

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