Wednesday, September 24, 2008

2.4 KM on Treadmill

I went back to gym just the day before after probably 3 weeks lack of exersice and that made me really tired. I felt a bit better today. I did trealmill in the beginning like everyday and in the last two days I tried 2.4 KM run requested by the Navy. Here are the results:
I- Sep.23.08, 13:40
II- Sep.24.08, 13:30
I'm sure I'm able to beat 13 and 12 min. easily in a few months. I only have to stop eating so much damn snacks like chips, doughnut, cookies and this kind of crap. This job takes lots of hours out of me going to and coming back home. I'mmoving to a new place at the end of this month if everything goes well. Nothing is clear though because I'm still in the process of different job applications. 5 of them! But I'll stick to my exersices as long as I'm able to 'cause after all I do that for my health and can't live without it.

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