Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Year's National Election

The Federal Government is scrutinized again because it’s screwing the country, has being said so another national election is on the way for Oct.18. I have never voted in Canada and I think I will not this time again because of moving around so much, Elections Canada has no clue where I am. Besides that I don’t know much about the parties and their plans for the country. So voting is useless for a person for me, in my view.
If there was a party who wanted to stop immigration to Canada in any form, I would vote for it. But I don’t think there’s any, because they need slaves here and they don’t care about pollution, population and environment, so let’s not vote!
Actually I’m going to contact both Green Party and NDP to ask them about their views on environment and immigration and then I may join one and save my vote for the next election and start being an active and loyal member.
So this is it about the current campaign and will update anything I find in that regard. I’ll be a bit busy this weekend because I’m moving out of this shithole, going to another shithole! I won’t tell S. J. up to the last min. I wanna make up a story and pull his leg a bit.
(Photo: I found this amazing cartoon of Harper in a local newspaper. I liked what he said in his campaign the other day though. He said that young criminals who commit murder get only 10 years imprisonment and he had a plan to increase it to life which is a very good idea and as he said will decrease the rate of crime)

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