Monday, September 22, 2008

A Little Relief on Gas

Crude Oil price has dropped to $108.38 a barrel, the lowest in last six month or close. This is strange because fall is here and cold weather is closing. It was sky high all summer long, had big effect on summer vacations, including flight fares.
But that decline doesn’t help with the gasoline price. The lower the gas price is, the happier the auto makers in the world and specially the US. It makes me happy and everybody as well because I can buy a big engine car with no worry about the gas.
The car I’d like to buy in early ’09, if everything goes well, is a Dodge Challenger. It’s a remade of 70s, a muscular 3.5 L engine, coupe. All I have to do is to wait 3 months, save a little, focus on job and keep job searching. We’ll see what happens.
(Photo: I took two pictures of two major gas stations in Barnet Hightway, Coquitlam early this morning, around 01:30 AM and put them together. Compare it to the price of gas two years ago)

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