Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A Very Big Loss in the World of Music

As I've mentioned earlier several times the purpose of this weblog is not being a daily or weekly news media. I’d like to write about the things happens daily, the ones I like them or are important to me, though.
So I would like to express my sympathy to all of the fans of one of the greatest Rock bands of all times, Pink Floyd, especially PinkFloydish, for losing its keyboard player and vocalist, Rick Wright. He died after a short battle with cancer in the UK at the age of 65, last week, Sep.15. I always enjoyed Pink Floyd and I will enjoy their song always. I specially remember Rick from their live performance in Pompeii and their song called Echoes. I get that special DVD from Chapters, through their online order.
Anyways, Rick was great and Pink Floyd is great and they will always be. This is nonsense that some people say Pink Floyd is out of fashioned music or so. This is real music which always be fresh and mind blowing.
(Photo: Rick Wright in live performance in Pompeii, Italy in 1972, the DVD is obtainable from Chapters or Amazon)

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